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Korean Spouse Visa Updated 2018.01.01

Spouse Visa (F61) Requirements
Please check the attachment for both English and Korean version of Spouse Visa Requirements

Requirements for Filipino Spouse

1.Application form (use specific format as required by Embassy)
2.One passport sized colored photo (Should be attached at the application form)
3.Passport  Original(6Mons. Valid)
4.Copy of Passport Bio-Page
5.PSA Marriage Certificate Original
6.Original NBI Clearance (Within 3months, valid for travel abroad)
7.Original Medical Certificate (Within 6months) - Should be  typewritten/computerized with Hospital letter head, contact number  and Physician’s signature.  Please check example of Physical Examination. Certificate format for  travel abroad with additional AIDS, VDRL, and Psychological tests)
8.Original & Copy of CFO certificate (issued from CFO,
9.Personal Details Form (use specific format as required by Embassy)
10.Proof of Korean Language Proficiency
           One of the following – TOPIK Certificate/ Certification of completion from designated institution (Sejong)/Copy of diploma in Korean language degree/ Proof of Filipino-Korean status  *Exempted if there is a child born between the couple
           *If there is a language that can be spoken by the couple other than Korean, there will be an interview

Requirements for Korean Spouse
1.Copy of Passport First Page
2.Korean Marriage History (detailed) Original (Within 3months)
3.Basic Certificate (detailed) Original (Within 3months)
4.Family Relations Certificate (detailed) Original (Within 3months)
5.Korean Resident Registration Certificate Original (Within 3 months)
6.Original Medical Certificate  (should be issued by Hospital or Public Health Center with format for  application for government employee, please check example of Physical Examination)
7.Korean Credit History Original  (download from
8.Original or Copy of Certificate for  Marriage Guidance Program (issued from immigration office in Korea)
9.Original Invitation Letter  (use specific format as required by Embassy)
10.Guarantee Letter (use specific format as required by Embassy)
11.Financial Document
    1) Original income tax return, original receipt for earned income tax and bank statement for the last 1 year of payroll account (showing monthly payroll)
    2) If employed, original employment certificate and copy of business registration
    3) If self-employed, original business registration and original income tax return             
    4) Bank certificate (optional)
    5) Additional Financial Support from Family
     -Statement on Family’s Financial Status : should be in a specific format as required by Embassy   *Submit only if financial document of Korean spouse is insufficient
    6) Other financial documents (optional)
     -Land/real estate register and land/real estate value certificate
*Exempted if there is a child born between the Filipino spouse and Korean spouse 
12.     Residential Document
     1) If owned, real estate register
     2) If renting, real estate register and copy of contract of lease
13.     Additional Document
* If you are introduced by agent legally registered under Korean Marriage Law
-Copy of Certificate of Registration of International Marriage Agency
-Copy of Certificate  of Insurance Saving Fund
-Copy of Personal Contract between Korean and Agency
* If you are introduced by relative or friend
-Copy of any valid ID or Passport
* If there is a child born between the Filipino spouse and Korean spouse
-Korean birth certificate or Philippine birth certificate of child
 (If there is a child born between the Filipino spouse and Korean spouse, the
following documents are exempted. 1. Korean’s Certificate of Marriage Guidance
Program 2. Korean’s Medical Certificate 3. Korean’s Credit History)

■ All embassy formats may be downloaded from the website
Click Consular/Visa Services – Spouse Visa
■ Visa Processing Fee: 2,000 Pesos
■ Once denied, re-application is after 6 months 
■ Reminders
*Please arrange the document by numbers above
*Invitation and guarantee letter should be handwritten by the Korean spouse
*Application is 8:30~11am through personal appearance of the Filipino spouse
*Releasing date will be after 15 working days and it may be extended for further
verification, additional documents or interviews and so on.
*Address: 122 Upper Mckinley Road, Mckinley Town Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Philippines
*Contact Number니 +63-2-856-9210 visa section local 220,230,280,302
Fax +63-2-856-9024
Email Address: 
- One-way ticket may be purchased for spouse visa
- After acquiring spouse visa, visit to CFO is a must to get CFO sticker.
- Submission of additional documents is during release time 1:30-4PM
Source: Korean Embassy Philippine Website 

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