Tuesday, April 4, 2017

South Korea Visa Types and Status ( 2012-2016.07)

Attending  @  The 10th Anniversary of "Together Day"
♡The Global Symposium On Migration Policy♡
Visa Tpye (For your information)
Visa Exempted (B-1)
Tourist / Transit (B2)
Short Term News Coverage (C1)
Short Term General (C-3)
Culture andnArtdn (D1)
Job Seeker (D10)
Student (D2)
Industrial  Trainee (D3)
General Trainee (D4)
Long - term News Coverage  (D5)
Religous Worker (D5)
Religous Worker (D6)
Intra Company transferee (D7)
Corporate /Foreign Investor
InternationalnTrade (D9)
******SKILLED VISA******
Short-tern employee (C4)
Professor (E1)
Foreign Language Instructor (E2)
Researcher (E3)
Technician (E4)
Professional (E5)
Artist and Athlete (E6)
Specific Ability  (E7)
Non-professional (E9)
Work and Visit (H2)
Maritime Crew (E10)
Working Holiday (H11)
Family Visitor (F1)
Resident (F2)
Dependent Family (F3)
Overseas Korean (F4)
Permanent Resident (F5)
Marriage Migrant (F6)
Mics (G1)
Total :Foriegner in Korea 2016.07.