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Contact Immigrant - Related Institutions Where you can Receive Help

Institution Name
Phone Number
Counseling Center for Migrant Women (Women Migrant Human Rights Center of Korea)
02-733-0120 /02-3672-8988
서울 이주여성 상담센터 (한국이주여성인권센터)
02-733-0120 /02-3672-8988
Daegu Counseling Center for Migrant Women (Daegy Women Migrant Human Rights Center of Korea)
대구 이주여성 상담소 (대구이주여성인권센터)
KyungnamWomen Migrant Human Rights Center of Korea)
경남 이주여성인권센터)
Danuri Call Center
Immigration Contact Center for Foreigners
1345 (press*18 for tagalog)
1345 (press*18 for tagalog)
Support Center for Foreign Workers
한국 외국인력지원센터
Migrant Health Association in Korea
Busan Women Migrant Human Rights Center of Korea)
Chungbuk Women Migrant Human Rights Center of Korea)
충북 이주여성인권센터)
Jeonnam Women Migrant Human Rights Center of Korea)
Emergency Call for Women
(local number)+ 1366
여성 긴급전화
(지역번호)+ 1366
Seoul Global Center
서울 글로벌센터
HUG Korea (EPS)
1577-0071 (press 4 tagalog)
1577-0071 (press 4 tagalog)
Hope Healthcare Center
희망 진료센터

Other useful information for living in Korea “Things you must know in Korea”

Other useful information for living in Korea “Things you must know in Korea”
If you are a married migrant woman , apply for a national happiness card and receive support for pregnancy and childbirth medical fees (check on advance whether your region also provides port postpartum caretaker)

Medical Support Services for Foreigners “Things you must know in Korea”

Medical Support Services for Foreigners “Things you must know in Korea”
1. For Alien Registration or issuance / extension /change of visa ,a person originating from a high risk tuberculosis country can receive a tuberculosis medical certification and a confirmation document from a public health clinic.
2. There are places that provide special medical care for foreigners who reside in Korea
3. When you are hospitalized and have difficulty affording medical costs, you can consult with the hospital social worker.
4. If you cannot join health insurance , join a medical mutual aid union for foreigners and receive help

To protect your rights when dealing with the police, prosecution and courts “Things you must know in Korea”

1. You can request interpretation when you need communication at a police station, Public Prosecutor’s Office or a court
2. During the investigation process at the police station and Public Persecutors Office read your testimony thoroughly before signing.
3. If you are a victim of a crime , you can receive help with receiving counseling , legal aid pr medical support , contacting your legal guardian(s) cleaning the crime scene , accompanying to the court , and improving living conditions (Crime Victim Support Center 1577-1295)

Pay Attention to money transactions and financial fraud “Things you must know in Korea”

1. always insist on a receipt or promissory note when entering a money transactions with others.
2. Use a bank remittance (account transfer)on transactions with others.
3.  No police, prosecutor or bank will ever demand you to withdraw money over the phone, and you should call the institution directly to verify.
4. Even when someone you know asks yourself suddenly through a messenger, do not transfer money to his. her account before speaking with the person directly.

"Policy Changes Concerning Foreigners" Things you must know in Korea

1. You should know how ot use the Internet because many immigration administrative affairs are performed online.
2. When foreigner from high -risk Tuberculosis country applies for alien registration or issuance / extension / change of visa , she must submit a Tuberculosis test report and confirmations document from the Korean Public health clinic.
3. Any korean who invites or sponsors a foreigner for a marriage visa must prove a minimum income . which changes each year (in 2016 a 2 person household required annual income of 16,500,517 won (before tax)
4. If you submit an application form asylum m you can receive emergency living expense with in 6 months of submission.

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Pay Attention when looking for a JOb “ Things you must know in South Korea

1. Every year the minimum was is changed. Always sign an employment contract in writing that clearly states monthly payment, holiday and working hours. Other wise make a record ( In 2017 the minimum wage per hour is 6,470 won. The monthly minimum wage is (40 hours of work per week) is 1,352,230 won)
2. It is goo d to have notes about working time ( time in and time our) of workings hours.
3. You can report SEXUAL VIOLENCE (sexual harassment) that occurs at work and may receive support from a COUNSELING CENTER
4. If prostitution is forces in massage parlors , report to the authority and receive help from a counseling center.
5. You must have accurate information about your employer including name, contact information and address. It is also helpful to know your co-worker’s name and contact information in case of emergency.
6. Check whether you have a social insurance such as health insurance unemployment insurance , occupational health and safety insurance and foreign worker’s specific insurances . Even if it reduces your income because you have to pay contributions, it is best to have these insurance policies to receive benefits during unexpected crisis.
7. A minimum of five employees (excluding the employer and employers Family) is required to receive protection from the Labor Standards Act , which entitles you to overtime / night time / holiday pay , annual paid vacation , and procedure to seek remedies for unfair termination .
8. If overtime and paid holiday are not paid properly, it is good to have some evidence of hours worked, You can take a picture of a commute record card and if there is not a commute card or you cannot collect any evidence, write down the hours your worked. If you commute by public transport and pay using a credit card, your credit card statement can be used as evidence of travelling to and from work.
9. If you work over 1 year continuously, you can receive severance pay
10. EPS Counseling Center 1577-0071 press 4 Tagalog

How to respond to domestic violence (Check selected organizations phone number) Things you must know in South Korea#다문화음악방송

How to respond to domestic violence (Check selected organizations phone number)
1. when you call 112 to report domestic violence, police officers will tush to the scene, If you need translation assistance, call 1577-1366 and receive help.
2. Police officer can take temporary emergency measure which includes issuing a restraining order.
3. If you wish to punish the offender , report the crime and the case will be processed as a criminal and family protection case.
4. If the case has been processed as a family protection case, the offender report the crime may receive punishment such as fine or mandatory counseling.
5.Victim can request she be moved to a protection facility (shelter)
6. Accompanied child(dren) can move their nurseries, schools , etc in secrecy.

Learn and follow the Korean Laws: Things you must know for marriage and living with a Korean

Husband and wife have the duty to live together , provide support , be loyal and cooperate with each other.
* If you hit your child(ren) or are not looking after them properly, you may be punished for child abuse.
* No one can force you to pregnancy , childbirth , abortion and artificial insemination, and you have the right to refuse.
* Domestic violence and sexual violence among family members (including de facto marriage) are considered as crimes that can be punished.
* If you can not maintain your marriage any longer, you can end your relationship through divorce by agreement or divorce trail. When a victim requests divorce trial,she may receive national legal aid depending on her financial circumstance.
* If you are told to leave your home or need a separation from your spouse, request counseling with the Multicultural Family Support Center or Counseling Center for Migrant Women first before making any decisions.
* In case you divorce in Korea, you must prepare documents according to your home country divorce procedure.
* In the case where a foreign woman gives birth without marriage to a Korean she is not allowed to register the birth by Korean Law , (If the child’s father is Korean but the mother is not married to him , she may file a lawsuit to register the birth in Korea.)
* If your Korean Spouse dies during your marriage , you must receive counseling first and do not sign any documents you do not understand. It is important to follow the correct procedure related to a spouse’s death . Mistakenly signing documents can be problematic not only for inheritance of assets, but can also lead to inheritance of debt . You must check all documents carefully and ask for a trusted source to provide translation or explanation if you do not understand.

To all Foreign & Married Immigrants in South Korea

o all Foreign & Married Immigrants in South Korea “Things you must know” ● Manage Personal Information ● You must manage your identification documents ( alien registration card , passport , etc), bankbook, mobile phone, and health insurance card by yourself, You should not lend these items to others (If you lose these items, you must report to the police related organization immediately.) ● You must make copies or take pictures of important documents such as alien registration card and passport. If you are married to a Korea , after making alien registration card, you should visit your district office and request to add your alien registration number to “family registrar” and marriage registrar

Things you must know " Watch Out for Brokers"

To all " Things you must know " in South Korea * You should be careful and cautious towards a stranger who offers to solve problems easily regarding stay , remittance or finding a job. * when you want to know about information regarding extension of stay , visa change, application of permanent residency/ naturalization or action for divorce, consult with the following organizations first 1345 (immigration Contact Service for Foreigners) 1577-1366 (Danuri Call Center) Counseling Center for Migrant Women , Support Center for Foreign Workers, or Migrant Welfare Center * When you are consult by a prof-fit making individual or organization like lawyer,public administration attorney or travel agency ,check their business card,office location,contact number and the contract carefully. Pay any free through bank remittance(account transfer) and keep receipt, ( In case youlose the bank transfer receipt , you can request account transaction history